In-School Observation / ABA Programming

Teacher Working With Students in-Class ABA SupportCARE ABA Programming also includes BCBA observation and/or behavior technician support in the day care or school setting.  When permitted by the school, the supervising BCBA will observe the client in his or her educational environment.  This helps ensure programming is consistent across settings.

In some cases, schools will allow the behavior technician to work with the student during the school day.  Through this service, the behavior technician is able to model intervention techniques for the school staff as well as work with the client on behavior, social and academic goals in the school setting. These services are available on a case-by-case basis.

School Meeting Support

shutterstock_181348820The CARE BCBA also provides school meeting support to the parent.  This service includes Individual Education Plan (IEP) review as well as BCBA attendance at the formal meeting.

Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) / Individual Education Plan (IEP) Meeting – Meetings to determine or change educational programming for students with disabilities are referred to in many different ways across states.  In some states, the annual meeting for determining educational programming is referred to as the ARD meeting.  Required attendees for this meeting are an administrator, diagnostician, general education teacher, special education teacher and the student’s parent(s).  Additional personnel are sometimes brought in for the meeting if they are integral to the student’s school day or directly requested by the parent.