Support for School Districts

Facilitating Parent Meetings

CARE ABA Classroom Support & Educational ConsultingPreparing for Parent Meetings

CARE consultants provide support to the school district during parent meetings by providing training to staff on research-based, best practice interventions and data collection procedures that will provide parents all of the information needed to ensure their student is in a productive and nurturing environment.

Our consultants will facilitate the development and implementation of parent trainings provided by personnel who are knowledgeable about topics that are relevant to parents in Spanish and in English. They will also model for staff members how to develop and conduct effective parent meetings and support groups within the public school system.

Parent Training

CARE consultants have developed trainings to address the needs of families who have children with Autism and related disorders; families and caregivers who have children that exhibit challenging behaviors in the home and community settings. Parent trainings are developed for school districts by conducting needs assessments and/or conducting focus groups with the families and then working with them to develop a priority for trainings.