Invest In Your Staff

Teambuilding Seminars

CARE professional provide a wide-range of high-quality staff development sessions designed to not only inform, but also allow staff to participate hands-on.  This method helps staff members to leave with a better understanding of how to implement the new information and skills.



(1-2 days/ 1-2 trainers)

Individual personality, to a great degree, defines the boundaries by which we live our lives and predetermines the expectations we have of ourselves and of others.  Personality influences the words we use to communicate and how we interact with other people.  When life, relationships, and jobs compliment our personality boundaries, we have a sense of being in control of our lives.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, resulting in disharmony in the workplace.  Colors is a one-day interactive training seminar that will reveal how personality motivates people, defines how they interact and contribute in team environments, structures their problem-solving processes, regulates their time- and task-management styles, and impacts and determines the strengths and leadership qualities each individual brings to the workplace.  Why does one person react to a stressful situation with a smile while another, reacting to the same stimuli, breaks down in tears?   The answer is often found in their personalities.  Getting to know the personalities of the people you lead or work with can help you optimize their performance in the workplace, and that’s the desired outcome of the Colors seminar.  Colors is an informative, fun-filled learning day that will increase workplace effectiveness and carry over into the personal growth and satisfaction in the lives of your workers!

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work
(1 day/ 1 trainer)

Recent research demonstrates the inaccuracy of the old belief that success leads to happiness.  Positive psychology actually shows that happiness leads to success.  This presentation, The Happiness Advantage, reveals seven principles which, if implemented, can increase the happiness of your people and result in greater success.  Simply put, happy, satisfied people are successful people, and their happiness and success can be contagious, spreading to staff members, fellow teachers, parents, and students. The Happiness Advantage seminar is a fun, interactive, one-day training session that will inspire your teams to seek happiness, knowing that happiness leads to success in nearly every domain, including work, health, friendship, sociability, creativity, and energy, but more importantly the classroom.  We highly recommend using this seminar to kick off the academic year or as a mid-year motivator to reenergize your people.

FISH (Years One, Two & Three)
(1 day / 1-2 trainers)

FISH is a one-day/year, 3-year team-building training seminar that will delight and energize your people, and motivate them to excel! The FISH Philosophy was inspired by a world famous business known for its incredible energy and commitment to service—the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington.  Most people would assume working in a stinky fish market would be all gloom and drudgery, yet the folks at Pike Place Fish Market were energetic, happy, positive, and lively….and as a result, business flourished and profits soared.  We studied the fishmongers and identified four simple practices that can help anyone bring new energy and commitment to their work. This day is fun, fun, fun and will have your staff talking for weeks!  Moreover, it’ll prepare and motivate them to elevate their performance to a higher level.

The Four Agreements
(1/2 – 1 day/ 1 trainer)

In this one-day staff development seminar, called The Four Agreements, we offer a powerful look into a code of conduct that can rapidly transform the work pace and human lives to experience a heightened sense of freedom, true happiness, and love. The four transformative agreements are:  1) Be Impeccable With Your Word, 2) Don't Take Anything Personally, 3) Don't Make Assumptions, and 3) Always Do Your Best.  Those who attend this moving, motivational seminar will develop a deep, rich respect and newfound understanding of themselves, their coworkers, and those in their charge, attributes that will allow your education environment and workplace to flourish and achieve new heights of success.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
(1-2 days/ 1-2 trainers)

The success of PLCs hinges on collaboration, but don't assume it'll come naturally! This one-day training seminar will assist your team to establish valid and successful Professional Learning Communities and build traits that foster collaboration. The results can be dramatic for both educators and students.  Teachers will feel less isolated, burdened, and alone—a problem common in many schools.  Teachers, paraprofessionals and staff will learn to share more responsibility for students and develop an enhanced collective ownership for students’ success.  Educators will be encouraged to grow professionally by honing their teaching skills and constantly incorporating best practices into their repertoire.  By the end of this seminar, your staff members and teachers will be able to develop a collaborative recipe for job satisfaction and develop a shared strategy for classroom success, adopt a commitment to making significant and lasting changes in their classrooms, and gain a higher likelihood of undertaking fundamental systemic changes for the benefit of their colleagues and students.