Evaluations for Districts, Programs, and Students

Developing Comprehensive Team Based Assessments

CARE In-School ABA Training ConsultingCARE consultants with extensive experience in conducting assessments provide more intensive technical assistance to districts seeking to develop a process for conducting comprehensive-team based assessments in order to provide detailed reports and recommendations.

Districts have sought the assistance of CARE consultants to develop a process for conducting team-based assessments that links assessments to interventions while utilizing evidenced-based practices with the goal of building capacity within the district and moving from interdisciplinary assessments to multi-disciplinary assessments.

Program Evaluations

Program Evaluations are conducted by CARE consultants who have extensive experience working in public school settings and who are knowledgeable of evidenced-based practices related to programming for students who are identified under various disability or eligibility categories.  These evaluations utilize various methods including interview of staff members, administrators (building and district level), parents, students and other stakeholders; observation of students in a variety of settings across campuses; surveys of staff members; administrators; parents; students and other stakeholders; review of records including IEPs and other sources of data pertinent to the program evaluation.  Data accumulated from various sources is assimilated into a comprehensive report with strengths and weaknesses of the program identified when compared to evidenced-based practices along with specific recommendations.  An executive summary is also created summarizing key aspects of the program evaluation with recommendations for consideration by stakeholders.  The comprehensive report and/or executive summary is typically presented to key personnel by the lead consultant assigned to coordinate the activities of the program evaluation.

Program Evaluations Currently Conducted by CARE:

  • Inclusive Education Practices
  • Programming for the following populations:
  • Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
  • Secondary Students Who Are Transitioning to Post-High School Activities
  • Students with Emotional Disturbance
  • Program Evaluation
  • Special Education Departments
  • IEPs, FBAs, and/or BIPs for Technical Adequacy
  • Assessment and Evaluation Practices
  • Preschool Programming for Students with and without disabilities

District Evaluations

These evaluations are meant to consider the need for change in programs on a variety of levels within a school system.  CARE consultants are highly trained in providing these services for the entire district*, one or more specified campuses within the district or for an individual program.

Evaluations are intended to support a process that include:

  • Assessing the quality of a school district’s instructional programs and practices in the areas of Behavioral supports and interventions, Literacy, and Delivery of special education services
  • Determining priority need areas.
  • Prescribing and planning activities to change practices and improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

*District-wide support usually requires intensive technical assistance and may involve multi-year approach in order to build capacity and achieve outcomes identified by school district personnel.

Student Specific Evaluations

CARE consultants have received extensive training on how to conduct comprehensive team-based evaluations for students suspected of having a disability. This can occur using basic technical assistance through a professional development training designed to increase the knowledge of professionals assigned to conduct team-based assessments or who have been identified to conduct assessments for students suspected of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Our team provides:

  • Staff training on how to develop an evaluation plan
  • Assist in making decisions regarding which instruments to use
  • Determine how to interpret the test results
  • Write a comprehensive team-based report

Number of days and trainers required for evaluations are dependent on the district’s needs.

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