Implement a learning environment that fosters success!

Classroom Support

shutterstock_141719731Team Teaching

CARE professionals will work side-by-side with the classroom teachers to facilitate seamless application of interventions and methods taught in one of the CARE training sessions.  These team teaching sessions are designed to provide a supportive and constructive work environment for the teacher.  The CARE consultant will model trained methods and observe the instructor implementing those methods to ensure correct application.

Our goal is to ensure your staff is ready to implement a learning environment that gets students excited and fosters success!


Hands-On Classroom Design

Your staff just received a CARE training which presented new and innovative ideas on classroom design techniques that foster student success!  Now what?

<CARE is still available to assist your staff in designing their classroom!  Our professionals are highly experienced in working with spaces from small classrooms to a vast life skills settings while ensuring the most effective instructional environment is available to your students.  Our professionals will work side-by-side with your staff to ensure they make the most of the space they have for instruction.  CARE will consider student population, subject matter, IEP goals and much more!

Related Service Personnel Support

shutterstock_200562314This hands-on and interactive training will focus on the paraprofessional’s requirement to facilitate student independence.  The key audience will be teacher-paraprofessional teams; however, both teachers and paraprofessionals will individually benefit from the interactive discussion of strategies that scaffold student independence and self-advocacy skills.  Trainers will highlight the role of the paraprofessional; teacher-paraprofessional relationship dynamics; guidelines for student and parent interaction; and useful student-focused, age-appropriate strategies and tools.