CARE Consultation Services & Staff Training

CARE provides a wide-range of consult options to help make your school stand out as one of the BEST!

CARE’s team of highly qualified personnel from a variety of disciplines provide consultative services to school systems around the US.  They also provide in-home and community-based support to families who have children with disabilities in various locations around the US.

CARE’s knowledge of public school systems coupled with how to work effectively in the home and community-based settings allows them to focus on building supports for families and the professionals seeking to improve the overall quality of life for their children, students and clients.

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We can help your school in many areas

Individual Education Programs (IEPs)

Training for teachers, administrators and others involved in IEP development, implementation and ongoing progress monitoring

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs)

Do you want to better understand the function of a student’s behavior? FBAs identify and define problem behavior and offer solutions.

Behavior Intervention Plans

Learn how to implement evidence-based, data-driven intervention BIPs that promote student success.

Autism Evaluation Team training

ADOS-2 and ADI-R trainings to help school-based multidisciplinary evaluation teams to provide comprehensive ASD evaluations.

Comprehensive ASD Evaluations

Develop processes for conducting team-based assessments that links assessments to interventions

Inclusive Education

CARE will train personnel to recognize, understand, access, and implement the full range of services available to individuals with disabilities

40hr ABA Training (for RBT Requirement)

Give teachers and others strategies needed to create positive learning environments for students with ASDS

Functional Communication Training (FCT)

Increase the functional communication skills of students in order to reduce problem behaviors

Social Communication (Pragmatics)

Develop a framework for linking student assessment and interventions

Ethics & Cultural Diversity for LSSPs

Examine ethical situations, consider and discuss current issues in cultural diversity.

Comprehensive Team Based Evaluations of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Develop a process for establishing comprehensive team-based evaluations of Autism.

Controversies in Treatment of Childhood & Adolescent Disorders

Considerations for treating students who have disorders that may or may not fall under an educational eligibility under TEA guidelines.

We Offer Many More Training & Consultation Services

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