CARE Consultant Training

CARE provides a wide-range of consult options to help make your school stand out among the rest.  Our consultants have extensive experience working in the public and charter school environment.  Our services are not exclusive to public school systems, but incorporate charter and private schools as well.

Our Consultants are committed to supporting students with disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment with the appropriate supports. Although public schools are designed to provide free and appropriate education for all students, this can present certain challenges for school districts. CARE provides consultation services to school districts to identify and implement “best practices” for inclusive education.

The CARE team will train personnel to recognize, understand, access, and implement the full range of services available to individuals with disabilities. Our consultants will also focus on a broad range of common issues ranging from academic and social exclusion to challenges students experience interacting with peers with disabilities, and the impact of inclusive practice on schools, families and communities.

Learn more about the types of Consultation Services that CARE Provides: