CARE provides in-home and community-based ABA programming using evidence-based practices and make data-based decisions to ensure that your child’s treatment is successful.

CARE provides consultation services to public, charter, and private school districts to identify and implement best practices for inclusive education. CARE offers a wide range of options to help make your school stand out among the rest.

Just Diagnosed?

CARE is highly experienced with assisting newly diagnosed individuals and their families.  We understand that you have many questions and may simply need someone to assist you with how to move forward and navigate all of the available resources.

What is ABA?
Behavior analysts began working with young children with autism and related disorders in the 1960s. Since that time, techniques have been developed for building useful skills in learners with autism – from toddlers through adulthood using the principles of ABA.

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Insurance Coverage
Under current law, many state-regulated health plans are required to cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism, including behavioral health treatment, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), as well as speech, occupational and physical therapy

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Tricare Military Families
CARE has a highly successful history of providing ABA programming to active military families.  Our professionals were leaders in bringing these programs to the areas we serve and are ready to help you!

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CARE currently serves New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Washington State.

CARE is an ACE cont-ed-provider

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